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Students met a number of professional artists during this class. We visited several artists in their studios in Brooklyn, and also had artists visit us at Ross School. Arcmanoro Niles, a current artist in residence at Guild Hall came the third week of our class to give a talk at Ross and to help us out with the mural.

Heres is some information about Arcmanoro from Guild Hall.

Born in Washington D.C, Arcmanoro Niles studied studio art in high school at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. As a high school senior he received a scholarship to study figure drawing at the Washington Studio School. In 2008 Arc received a visual arts diploma from his high school, and was gifted a studio from the board members of the Washington Studio School. In 2010 he received a scholarship to attend Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts where Arc obtained his BFA 2013. In 2012 Arc was award a two-week residency in San Jose, Costa Rica, where he was a part of a group show dedicated to emerging American artists. In the fall of 2013 he received the Bob Colacello
Scholarship from The New York Academy of Art, and obtain his MFA there in 2015. During the first year of his graduate program he was award a Shanghai University Summer Residency. Arc and 3 other artists shared a studio and traveled in China for two months. When the residency ended they had a group show at Shanghai University.

Arcmanoro Niles just had his 1st solo show at Studio Vendome on in New York.

We also had a visit from two more Aritsts in Residence from Guild Hall, Jennifer Hsu and James Wang. Jennifer and James are a multidisciplinary collaborative duo who work in
video, photography, digital and analog painting, text and installation. Their works span a
range of media, which reflect their interest in the intersection of conflict—within and
without—and empathy among living things, flora and fauna alike. They live and work in
Brooklyn, New York.


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Halfway through the Art and Activism class, students began designing and painting a large scale mural on the theme “Towards a More Just and Sustainable World”.  The mural includes references to serious issues of concern the students identified including the plight of refugees,  global hunger, racism and the environmental crisis. They also included hopeful images related to justice and equality. Working with guest artists Christina Schlesinger, Arcmanoro Niles and Molly Weiss, the students have been collaborating over several days.

What have you liked best so far?


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As we begin our final week of Filed Academy we asked the students to tell us what activities/experiences they like best so far. Here are some responses:

My favorite activity during The Art and Activism Field Academy was to go to Brooklyn and visit the art studio where we had the chance to draw a live model and after see some murals.

My personal favorite part so far is seeing murals in Philadelphia, because murals reflected real social issues or personal relations.

My two favorites actives were silk-screening with Kevin and visiting art studios in Williamsburg, once I was able to do something I have never done before and take a close look inside an artist’s life.

I have to say that silk-screening was one of my favorite things to do during m-term. All the trips that we had were amazing but silk-screening was something that was very special for me. Especially, this was first time I was trying this in my life, I really enjoy doing it.

I like drawing model very much. I have never drawn a model before, this was my first time drawing a model and I learned how to draw a position accurately. It helps me a lot.

In those two weeks, one of my favorite activities is gesture drawing. It is a great experience for me to improve my skills.

I think the best thing that I did in the M-term is silk-screening and seeing the Barnes Collection.

So far in this class, I had a lot of fun and I really enjoy doing art when friends. My favorite activities in this field academy is zines and the Philadelphia trip. Everyone in this class tried their best to make zines and all people did a great work. During the Philadelphia trip, we saw some famous artist’s work. Those works are beautiful and valuable for all human.

My favorite thing we did so far was seeing the Barnes Collection in Philadelphia and I also really enjoyed doing the silk-screening.

My favourite activity is the trip in Brooklyn, we went to a lot of arts studio and we draw a model, he’s really nice and he can do some hard pose for a long time.

My most favorite activities/ experience is “Drawing the Model at the Living Gallery” I had never drawing the model. So this activities/ experience is very new for me. I really like drawing the model with new tool.

My favorite activity will be the mural painting and the screen-printing. And the best experience will be Philadelphia trip

My favorite activity is drawing from a model. It gave us unprecedented experience.



On Tuesday we traveled to Philadelphia where we visited the Barnes Foundation, which holds one of the finest collections of post-impressionist and early modern paintings. We also saw the special exhibition “Picasso: The Great War, Experimentation and Change.” On Wednesday morning we took a tour of the city’s community murals with a guide from the MuralArts organization. Their website explains their mission:

We create art with others to transform places, individuals, communities and institutions. Through this work, we establish new standards of excellence in the practice of public and contemporary art.
Our process empowers artists to be change agents, stimulates dialogue about critical issues, and builds bridges of connection and understanding.”

We saw over a dozen murals throughout the city, including one by the artist Swoon in north Philadelphia.