Day 10: Working in the nursery and visiting Salto de Jimenoa

We were working in the nursery today to help with a big project that they were working on, to plant tree seedlings. Our group (with Megan, the EF Tour Guide) was weeding, which is a really simple job. Basically, we were just took away the weeds in the nursery and throw them away.
We also helped to load a truck that will transport 12,500 plants to Haiti, because after the earthquake, a lot of its forests have been destroyed. It was really hot today, therefore I got all sweaty when I was working. But, I was very happy since I knew that we can help out Haiti, and it is a good opportunity for us to experience life in the Dominican Republic.

-Victoria Li

In the afternoon, the first thing we did after lunch was to clean all the dirt off the tree growing tubes. Everybody worked really hard and the weather was very hot and humid. Since we were exposed to the sunlight, some of us even got tan. Some tubes were extremely difficult to clean because the dirt inside was so hard, so we had to squeeze it then hit it on the hard surface.

Around 3:00pm we started hiking. First, we split into groups of four and we headed to the waterfall, which was the destination of the hiking. At the beginning everybody was excited because there was a suspension bridge, which could only bear five people a time. It was interesting that some of us began shaking the bridge when we were at the middle of it. However, after 10 minutes, everyone was shocked because we realized that we already arrived at the waterfall and there was no trail anymore. It was a kind of disappointing since our expectation of the hiking was 2 hours. Although, the hiking was not as long as we expected, the view of the waterfall, Salto de Jimenoa, was gorgeous and everyone took a lot of photos.

Eventually we went back to have dinner. Unlike other days, we sat in different seats so that we could talk and know more about the people we were not familiar with. We learned new things about each other and made the our group more united. All the things we did were joyful, although it was hot and tiring.

-Jack Li