Day 12: Excursions in Santiago

Today is the 9th day of our trip, and we finished the first part of it, which is working on the environmental school. We went to another city, which is called Santiago. We went to a ceramic doll factory first, and most of the workers in the factory were females. First of all, people in the factory showed us a doll without face, and explained that all of the dolls in the factory do not have faces because the Dominican Republic is a country of many different cultures and races, so there is not just one face for their people.

Secondly, the workers showed us the process of making the dolls and other ceramics. They mixed up water and two types of clays together, and then put the mixture into different shapes of models. Finally, the workers put the mixture into an oven, and the temperature of it is about nine hundred degrees centigrade. The brick that dried from the oven are much lighter than the normal brick. By the way, the tour guide told us that using the oven is bad for our health.
Later on, we went to a historical museum, and we had lunch there. The guide introduced the Taino culture to us; such as their tools, decorations, and funeral traditions. There was also a modern art gallery in the museum, the meaning of some of the works in it were hard to figure out, but they were still very interesting.
Later on, we went to a farm. There were many kinds of animal there, such as dogs, goats, hens, and horses. There were lots of kinds of trees and plants there as well, such as banana trees, red fruits trees, and cocoa trees. The cocoa fruits were interesting, the guide told us to suck them, instead of chewing them. People in the farm were very welcoming and kind, and the children there were also very cute because they dropped the red fruits off the trees and gave them to us.
Finally, we headed to our new hotel, which is very pretty, and faces the sea.
-Connie Zhu