Day 13: Our first day with DREAM Project

Today was our first day working in Sosúa. We arrived at a school that’s associated with the Dream Project for a cultural exchange and community service experience. Upon our arrival, we were introduced to John who is in charge of the project and the kids at the school. We played games with them for an icebreaker activity and we were separated into three groups and buddied up with the kids. We left the campus and wandered around the neighborhood for a scavenger hunt. We went to a river, a supermarket, a barber’s shop, a lottery station, a farm and a church and met different people. It was amazing getting to know the local kids and communicating with the people in the neighborhood. The local neighborhood was small but harmonious. Everybody knows everybody and they were very welcoming.

-Victoria Hu

After the ice breaker with local students, we started our community service with the local students. We searched and gathered plastic bottles along the road, at school, and everywhere we could see. The garbage system is unsustainable in the Dominican Republic, trash was all over the town.

After that, we had lunch, and after lunch we needed to separate the bottles that we picked up. We will need to use the nicer looking bottles for our mural project. We will work with a local artist to create a mural from the recycled bottles. After we finished separating and cleaning the bottles, we needed to start thinking about what design we will draw for the mural project. Everyone created their ow  idea that included their own culture and the culture of Dominican Republic, combined with theme of environmental sustainability.

After we said goodbye to our buddies, we came back to the hotel, where we brainstormed ideas for fun activities we can do to have a cultural exchange with the local students.

-Maple Sun

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