Day 14: Dancing, painting and hiking!

Today, we went to the DREAM Project school again.
In the morning, we played some games at the very beginning. Then we divided into 3 groups. Our group’s task was to dance Merengue and Bachata, but I did not know how to dance whatsoever, so I just watched our teammates dancing. One of the other groups was supposed to dance, too, and another one was painting the bottles we planned to use for the mural.
Later, we switched work. Our group went to paint, and other groups went to dance. After that, some of the students went to clean the bottles, and some of them went to cut off the bottom of the bottles. These days, our morning activities are much more relaxing and fun.
-Jerry Peng
After lunch, we all gathered onto the bus to head to a hiking trail in Los Brazos. The hiking trail was located behind the house of one of the teachers who worked at the DREAM Project. The trail led us to a spectacular view where we could see the Rio Yasica and many other surrounding towns in the Dominican Republic.
As we began our walk to the top of the trail we passed many interesting plants that are indigenous to this area; one of them being my favorite, the mango tree. We also saw multiple horses and a donkey too! On our way back down from the trail we passed a few cows and bulls as well. However, one of the bulls acted a little peculiar because he was protecting the females from us. Apparently the farmer put him there to mate with the other cows. Aside from the eery glares that he gave us, we managed to pass by him just fine and a lot of us got good pictures of him too!
Once the hike was over the teachers treated us to ice cream at this delicious cafe inside the grocery store on our way back to the hotel. Many of us got two to three scoops of ice cream and each bite was more delicious than the last! One thing that I didn’t expect to be as good it is, is Dominican ice cream and believe it or not, the pizza here is delicious as well!
-Ella Gatfield

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  1. So glad that bull only glared at you and didn’t charge! Sounds like you are all having an amazing trip. Congratulations on all
    Your hard, good and worthy work!

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