Day 16: Friendships & Bracelets

We started the day with finishing up the posters from yesterday. Then, three different groups went for different activities. While switching around, all the teams could go through painting, making friendship bracelets and exchanging cultures. Group A, which I was in, taught how to say certain colors in Korean, Mandarin and English.
Each of the students also had a chance to take photos with partners in front of the mural. The photos will be printed and be distributed to the local and us Ross students tomorrow, so that everyone will have a memory to keep.
When all the activities were done, Ross students decided to stay longer with the local kids than to leave right away. The only bad news of the day is that tomorrow is our last day at the school, and saying goodbye will be the hardest thing ever.
-Isoo Chang
When we got in the school we started a project about how can we protect our earth. From this project we could learn that we shouldn’t throw away the trash on the street and we need to use water bottle again many times.
After the project we had class about sharing our culture. I taught students numbers in Japanese. When I said the numbers in Japanese using pronunciation on blackboard     they said the numbers out loud after me. I was so glad because they were trying hard to practice the numbers and my partner remembered the numbers.
Next, we painted the mural about protecting the environment. We each painted 5 words about environment in each of our country’s languages. The painting will teach people to protect our earth. The painting will also show the friendship between the buddies and Ross students because we painted it together.
We also made friendship bracelets with our partners. The last time I made bracelets was when I was in elementary school. So I was kind forgot how to make it. But we could have fun time with our partners. After making we have changed the blesslet each other.
Tomorrow is the last day in the school. So we will miss our partners. And we hope that we can keep in touch by using Facebook or SMS.
-Hitomi Irie