Day 17: Our last day of service

It was our last day at Centro Educativo Cuestra Barrosa school. We had two activities with our buddies today. One group was going to plaster posters onto walls outside. The other group would stay in the classroom to make photo frames. Each of us took a poster and stuck them outside each store. It was a pleasure to see our posters outside on the street. The local people were happy and open to having our posters in their community. Then we went to make our own photo frames. We made the frames for our buddies. They also made one for us. We then played some sports games such as volleyball later on while the other group danced bachata. We had a good time playing and dancing with our buddies. Finally, it was time for us to leave. We felt sad to say goodbye to our buddies.

Then we had a quick lunch because we were going to do horseback riding. Like the rafting, we had to be taken to the riding place by a jeep. The road is not flat and we felt scared to drive on such a steap road. It was my second time to ride a horse. We rode by ourselves, but there was a guide behind us to protect us. The horses were obedient and safe so that we didn’t have to worry about falling down from the horses even though we don’t know how to ride. It’s interesting to enjoy the view of nature on the horseback. Then we visited the beach. It is actually our first time walking on the beach since we came to DR. We also tried coconut water and sugarcane.
It was a sad day because we said goodbye with our buddies. However, it was also a great day to make my dream to ride a horse on my own!
-Rachel Tao