Day 7: Painting murals and white water rafting!

Today was the fourth day of our Field Academy trip in Dominican Republic. After a great breakfast in the hotel, we headed to the environmental school as usual at 8:30 am. Since we worked so hard in the Green House the day before, our new goal for today was to help the students finish the murals. They had already painted simple sketches on five walls and our task was to paint those sketches with different color of paint. We were split into five groups with one local student for each group and they were giving us advice and guidance to choose the color and paint the wall. There were beautiful patterns on the wall such as butterflies and parrots. We also tried their special local snacks and drinks during the break. After a long morning working on the mural, we finally made some masterpieces, even though it had not been finished completely. Every one became artists this morning and we painted very carefully. It was a great experience for us to communicate with the local students here and it was a great opportunity for us to practice Spanish with them and they took this opportunity to practice their English with us as well.

-Doris Zhu

After lunch today we all got on the bus and headed over to the Rancho Baiguate to go white water rafting. Once we got the helmets, life jackets, and wet suits we drove about twenty minutes to the river. We learned all the commands and safety rules and were on our way down the river. It was so much fun. Everyone on my raft was constant smiling and laughing. Harold did fall out of the boat on the first rapid but no one else fell out after. However, there were a few close calls for everyone on my raft. It was just such an amazing, beautiful experience. I would definitely go again. After such a long first day of community service yesterday it was nice to relax a bit and experience a different side of the Dominican Republic. Can’t wait to see what other adventures are in store for us!

-Kendall Scala