Day 8: Clearing a trail through the woods

Today we got up at 7:30, ate breakfast and went to the environmental school ready to work as usual. Today we are not working in the campus that has greenhouse and mural. Our job is to build a trail at the second campus where we have our lunch everyday.

At the beginning, we were divided into groups of four. One of the group was cleaning the plants with the rakes along the way so that we can make the space for the trail. That sounds really easy, but there were many roots in the way that were hard to rake, and it was also dangerous when others walked over them. So there were four people who used the special axes to dig the tree stumps and roots out of the way. Two groups had to work together to make the path clean and flat.  For the places that were hard to walk through, the other group was assigned to build a bridge on the path. They cut the trees into pieces with a hammer, put them on the branches, then press the nail into the wood.

In the end, everyone was exhausted.  Even though we were working in the forest and it is not as hot as working outside, clearing the path and building bridges are challenging tasks. We worked longer than last few days, and that made us more tired, however, it is a great experience to do these things we have never done before.
-Katerina Ding

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