A day of guests

Today is the second last day of our preparation process. As we getting close to the breaking point of the real Hunger Game, our schedule becomes more intense and stressful, yet, more colorful and entertaining.

We started off the day by dividing our people into two groups—one group stayed at High School for a precise CPR training done by a professional first aid trainer. I was assigned to another group to learn archery skills with Mr. Drossel, who is an experienced archer. He first introduced the practice rules, basic knowledge regarding the structure of the bow, and the posture of shooting an arrow. He demonstrated tricks about how to adjust bows to reach their best performance. For example, Mr. Drossel showed us how to adjust the intensity of the string precisely so that we could hold the bow stably and show the arrow precisely. He then helped us with determining our dominant eye, which was a critical element for archer since archers needed their dominant eye to aiming targets. Although Mr. Drossel presented a ton of information, he actually introduced all the concepts and tricks laconically so that we were able to practice shooting for many rounds and we were all able to shoot the arrow to a target constantly in the end.


After the archery training, we headed back to the High School building laboratory where we converged the group that took the CPR training. We did three major activities in the science lab, including pulling off the shell of nuts to make powders out of them, learning and meeting different animals, and testing the efficiency and convenience of the ignition sources we made yesterday. Pilling off shell of nuts was a tedious process; yet, meeting with animals and testing ignition sources were really fun activities: we got the chance to meet and learn animals like snake, owl, giant spiders, and so on. Later, we did experiment of the ignition sources and we accumulated data to determine the best choice possible. We eventually determined that the mixture of wax and saw dust is actually the most efficient source. We then collected all the mixtures for future usage.

HGD43 HGD44 HGD45 HGD46 HGD47 HGD48 HGD49 HGD410

We ended out day with a very entertaining “catch-the-flag” game. In order to mimic the atmosphere of the hunger game, we actually played the game in a grove right next to CWB. We were divided into two groups again. Both groups were very competitive that either of the teams won the game in the end. Unfortunately, tribute Jackie Wang broke his ankle during this game and he had to walk with crutch. This would be a huge disadvantage for him since the hunger game was about to begin.

On balance, we had a very stressful and entertaining day and we couldn’t wait to break off the Hunger Game.

By Johnny Xu