Beef and Beaches

Today is Tuesday, when we went into the classroom which in the High School building. We saw a box on the table. That means we have some new things to do. So we are so excited about today.


There are some words on the box, “dehydrator & jerky maker”. That means we will make some jerky. Then Ms. Pollina explained us what it is in the box and gave us three questions. How to use jerky maker? What cut of beef is best for jerky. And marinade recipes. Ms. Pollina gave us 15 minutes to find the answers. After 15 minutes, we were talking about the answers. We need raw beef, 5 to 6 pounds of purchase, and some flavor. Ms. Pollina said she will go shopping this afternoon after school and we will make jerky tomorrow afternoon.

Then, we finished the questions, and we had a test about our reading. When we finished our test, Ms. Pollina said some of us will have CPR training this morning and some of us will have archery competition and practice.

HGD711 HGD710

Around 9:00am, the teacher who teaches us CPR came to the classroom. I and other tributes that also have archery training we went to the CWB. When we reached CWB, Mr. Drossel said he had a meeting at that time, so we have dodgeball competition 1 vs 1. After that, we had dodgeball game 6 vs 6. Then, Mr. Drossel came back, so we had the archery competition first. We check ring number to decide who is the winner. The closer ring to the middle has higher scores. After they finished the competition, we had the archery practice for another competition on tomorrow.


Around 11:00, we finished archery practice and we went to the lunch. After the lunch, we had a break. At 1:00pm, we all gather in CWB. Then we went to the Northwest Harbor. It is a county park. We went to there to find mussels. There is sea and beach. That is very beautiful. We found lots of mussels on the beach and walked along the beach. We also climbed the sand mountain we had a lot of fun. After that, we came back to the classroom. Ms. Pollina gave us 10 minutes for break. Then, we had our game. Everyone threw the dice and moved as the number on the dice. We also wrote down what we will do in the second round of the game. Then, today is over.


In conclusion, we had a lot of fun today. Although we are tired, we are looking forward to later days.


by Andy Jin