Edible Plants and Fallen Tributes

“Today is Thursday. At the begin of today, we put beef we cut yesterday into the dehydrator and set the temperature to 71 degrees Celsius and set to 7 hours, and then we start waiting until the beef jerky been cooked.



While we were waiting for the beef jerky finish cooking, we went to Chatfield’s Hole on Two Holes of Water for a hike. The guy who led us is named Steve. He wore a light orange wool hat, a dark green jacket with a khaki pants, he also brought a portfolio and knife. He introduced to us many edible fruits some non-edible fruit.  The other half of us were led by a woman named Anita.  They work for The Group for the East End.







In today’s game, we finally have our first prey in the game. It was Renya, he died when when Andy rolled a 2.  He made himself a monster and can now kill as many as he can. Also Linda and Ollie died in the second round, and they reborn as two horrible monsters in the game.

At last, the beef jerky taste very good. Foods bring the sadness away from us.

By: Leo Liu”