First test of endurance

The weather in long island in February is still very chilly and windy.  In preparation for the coming hunger game, we, the tribute from each district,  have a hiking in the morning to  Only those who have the courage and endurance can survive in hunger game, and go hiking in this chilly weather is a tough ordeal.

After finishing a short quiz about the first chapter in the book, hunger game, we started our first journey in training succession. The bus driver dropped us off on the side of Montauk highway. We, as a group, entered the hiking area. It is an energy-consuming job to follow these yellow logos as a guidance, and not to mention that long-time exposure to chilly wind eroded our Morales.

Couch Peter was very energetic and ran to the beach even we stepped on the rough road with salient roots. I was glad that I was one of the person that followed Peter in the first group.

Seal Trail 1

Generally speaking, seals were fond of cold environment, but probably it was too warm to have them showed up in our vision.

On the way back to the highway, we followed the red logos, which led to a swamp region. The heavy rain remained this are in a very muddy condition. We painfully wade the swamp. With fitful shriek from those people who stepped in the water and wet their shoes, we reached the end of this path, a impassable pond(maybe a estuary, directly connected the sea)

Mrs. Pollina appointed me as the guide to lead our team to the highway. Actually, everyone had no trouble following the yellow logos. At the point, some girls began to fall behind, but they still managed to keep up their pace with the whole team.

Seal Trail 2 Seal Trail 3 Seal Trail 4

All of a sudden, Mrs. Pollina gathered our team. In front of us laid on Becky, with her face covered.

What? She broke her arm?

We hastily applied our limited medical knowledge.

Seal Trail 5

Remove her body? No! Don’t touch her broken arm!

She is bleeding? So let ‘s press the heavy injury with gauze!

She fell on the ground? And more importantly, right on my feet? She is shocked! Let’s lift her leg up to promote bloody circulation.

Last but not least, of course we need to fix her broken arm with a hoody.

Her good acting skill tricked most of us. What a good actress!  Leonardo has no change to win Oscar if Becky becomes a professional actor.

Seal Trail 6

Seal Trail 7 Seal Trail 8

Unexpectedly the late-coming buses left us waited for a long in desperation. To sum it up, this is an energy-exploited hiking, but our discomforts are dispel with a warm lunch that café saved for us.

By Jeff Cui

The day finished in our warm classroom where tributes were judged on their camouflaging skills.

Seal Trail 9 Seal Trail 10 Seal Trail 11 Seal Trail 12