Let the games begin

Today is Monday, when our class has already started for a whole week. All of us are keen on the different activities and teaching so far. So we were so excited to begin the challenging class today.

When we gathered together at our classroom in High School Building in the morning, Mrs. Pollina mentioned everyone that we would have a hiking later. To be honest, I love hiking with friends. It is a good opportunities for me to get close to the nature and relax. I hardly go hiking before because the school didn’t give me any chance to do that. However, my class has a big relationship to the environment. Therefore, every time I heard that we have hiking, I just started to imagine how interesting it would be.


We had hiking last week, which was so much fun; but this time, it is more difficult and challenging. Mrs. Pollina gave everyone a map and a compass. There were 15 special points; we need to write down our direction when we pass the signs. Using the compass is the only way that can help us. We put the map on the binder, grasp a panel, and wait to go.

The hiking place was not far away from school this time; it is on the north of the East Hampton. It is called The Grace Estate. There were nearly 3 miles in total. After 15 minutes’ drive, we arrived the region and then we began to walk. The path was peaceful; I enjoyed the crow of birds and the sounds of leaves by breeze. I saw some houses nearby the path; they were all fancy and quiet. Sometimes I had to use the compass to figure out what my direction was, otherwise, I would not know which way I should choose when the path was branched off. Unfortunately, some of us walked on wrong paths and had to be called back by teachers. The most attractive part of this tour was the way we pass by the beach. Many seagulls soared upon the blue and clear sea, which is called Northwest Harbor. The wind from the sea was so strong that I am not able to hear what my friend’s saying. I will not forget the entrancing scenery.


In the afternoon, we had a game called The Cornucopia Battle. It was about each of us stood around the small objects. When Mrs. Pollina gave us the order, we would rush to them and grasp as much as we can. Different objects represented different resources we will use in Hunger Games. For example, the rings will represent weapons. Furthermore, we had flags surrounded our waist. If we lost our flags, we would not be supposed to gain any more resources. The whole competition was short but intense. Eventually, everyone received some small pieces of sheets which were represented our resources.


After we went back to our class with our “resources”, Mrs. Pollina show us the big map of our Hunger Games. It was a board game. All of us had our own chess piece, which represented our characters. We rolled the dices to know how far could our characters move. Meanwhile, we wrote down what would we do on a paper each round and then handed it in. We played the first round as the practice. The game was a little complicated for us but we were fine soon.

In conclusion, we had a tired but meaningful day today, I can’t wait to imagine the fun tomorrow.

By Sean Cen