Parade and Interviews

Last peaceful day before real game starts, with endless excitement

In the morning, we still started our day by quiz as simple as always. Then, the poisonous plants presentations went on. We draw lots on Wednesday to choose a kind of poisonous plant, which we need to do some research on and introduce to others.

Everybody has done pretty good job to introduce his or her chosen plant. We got general idea about the poisonous plants. Those presentations kept remind us that we must pay fully attention to the plants we may eat while we are on our own and try to survive in the forests. Just a little mistake may take your life away.

After most of the presentations went through, it is time for archery practice! Since 5 of us missed the first archery practice and Mr. Drossel need to tell them the safety rule and teach them step-by-step. Later, we were all on the line and got ready for practice. Only after few rounds Mr. Drossel put little balloon on the center of each target to challenge us. However, many people started to get tired and hang out that left more available spots. I was glad that I could shoot 10 arrows for each round although my hands were too tired that trembled.

Soon, it was time for lunch. We got less than two hours free time to get ready for the most excited part of the day – our parade! Everybody finished their lunch really quickly and dressed up.

At 12:40, all of us gathered together at the lobby in high school building with their costume on. I have to say the scene was dramatic and impressive. Our costumes were design to symbolize our district. Through the costumes, I could tell the sparks of creativity and intelligence. Ten minutes later, the parade started. We walked out from high school building in the order of the districts and waved to people who were on the side of the path. Although it was cold and windy outside, we were all in high spirit and smiled back to people with fully confidence. Cheer was along with us from the beginning until we sit down in senior building.

After parade, it was time to interview. We were facing to the camera, having our own interview with Sam in front of other tributes. During the interviews, we were giving little of our background information and the thoughts of hunger game so far. Also some fancy imaginations about the later life after winning the game. Some people had really wild ambition and brimming confidence while some others gave a little mystery to audience. After all, the interview went really well following all the applause and laughing.

Mr. Angell, known as the president in the game, came after interviews and gave us a brief speech. Just like the one in the movie, reaffirmed the importance of hunger game, which was sort of empty.

Finishing all the important tasks of today, we went back to high school building and changed back into uniform. We also had another interview, which was more secret. Through this interview, we declared ourselves to sponsors like showing our strength and weakness, strategies to win and so on.

We soon ended our day with the notice of the plan for next Monday and little reading.

All in all, I think today is the most excited day so far.

Liqiong Cai(Vivian)