Shelter and Celebration

Today is Monday. This week is the last week of Field Academy.

In the morning, we all prepared for the Wednesday’s camping. Teachers taught us how to build up a stable camp in the CWB. We tried to straight the very big pole and make it go through the tent, and make two poles work. Then, we had our own tent. We had to build up tent first, and then warp it back. Some boys group built up tent swiftly, but the girls group was not. Teachers helped us when we tried to build up our own group tent. After building up tent, we learned how to get pole and tent back, and wrapped it back to bag. That was very fun.

HGD112 HGD111

Everyone also showed his power point of edible food. Every student introduced one kind of edible plant. It was really cool, because everyone can get more knowledge about plants.


Then, we went back to classroom. We went to lab for finishing our cone flour. We have already dried our acorns. The next step to make flour is using food processor to ground the acorns into flour. Ms. Pollina will use this flour to make bread on Friday. Everyone was excited about homemade bread.


In the afternoon, we built shelter. That was really fun. About 3-4 students in one group, they should find a place in the woods, then built the shelter by branches, leaves and barks. The first step for shelter is getting big branches to make frame of shelter. Every group had different design. Some of the groups used triangle frame, some of groups used rectangle frame. We had various design of shelter. Then, students found some small branches to fill the open space. The most interesting thing in building up the shelter is using barks to prevent the rain into the shelter. Ms. Pollina told students that the barks on died trees are water prove. As a result, students all used barks on the outside.

HGD117 HGD116

At three o’clock, the café prepared ice cream party for all students. Everyone could eat ice cream in café. They also provided some fruits and sauces for us. Everyone was happy.


Today was a really good day!

Lily Zhang