Snowy Hike

On Friday morning, I had a discussion regarding to the content of Hunger game. It was very intriguing. It helped us to improve our listening and speaking skills. A lot of tributes try to participate in the discussion. Some of the points are really insightful.
We played the board game for one round. Every one was having fun. They all were very exciting. But,  I felt sad, because I was killed. Though playing the game, I thought we improved our cooperative skills and gained the necessary skills to survive in the extreme environment. After that, we have half an hour to read the book.
I played the Dodge-ball. I thought they are very fun. The game play made all of us energetic and warm during the cold winter day. Every one were so enthusiastic. We were expecting the next game.
We went hiking at afternoon until 2:30pm. It was very fun. We followed the deer foot-steps during the hiking, but we didn’t see any deer, which makes me feel a little bit sad. However, we lucky left our own foot-steps. I thought it was interesting that hearing the creak under our food. It made me feel refresh through wandering in such a whiteness and purity. We picked up the snow along the way and made snow ball out of it. We played the snow balls with each other. I thought this hiking helped us to strength us friendship. After that,  we went back to school, what away was hot chocolate and mushmallow. It was really a surprise from Peter. I was really appreciate Peter having the cafe prepare all of the stuffs for us. It is a really remarkable day. After enjoying the hot chocolate, we came back to classroom and then watched the second episode of Hunger game, which called ” Hunger game: Catching Fire”. Although we didn’t finish it, I thought it was very unforgettable. The reasons were pretty obvious. The second episode had very exciting and brilliant plots. Secondly, I were looking forward to watching the rest of it.
I love Friday.
Linda Liu



HGD105 HGD104 HGD103

Lily missed that hike because her and Brandon Heckt went to Suffolk County Community College in Selden to participate in the Long Island Math Fair.