Training in progress

Having prepared our background story and gone hiking for the entire day yesterday, we now are mostly confident in playing a real hunger game, so the next step after preparation, if we follow the plot of the movie, is actually that the custom. However, before we begin such a custom preparation, we started the most exciting part of the Hunger Game, the wellness assessment. It is really interesting to me, because it is both an important part of plot of the movie that shows how likely different representative from Districts would survive and something related to sports, one of my biggest interests.

The assessment was like a military training: we started by cross over and climbing under hurdles, a test of agility and speed, and then we threw heavy ball to hit the target, a test of strength, and then we rolled over two rounds, a test of the ability of dodging, and we jumped across the river and some low hurdles to test our speed, then the hardest part, dodge ball in cross running and in the end we slipped through floor fast. In this second last test, Sam, who threw the ball really hard at us,would aim us while we tried to run around the buckets. I am proud to say that I finished the entire process with 1 minute and 1 second! (Though someone did better…)

During this morning we visited the Sag Harbor store and bought a lot of different materials such as Police hat for the person from the District that represents Police force and factory hat for me, as a factory worker.

Then after going back and having lunch, we started to fire experiment, in which Ms. Borsack taught us different kind of fire materials we can use if we were really in a situation without fire. We made our “cotton lighter” with cotton and some with chemicals combustible, then the second “wax strings” with melted wax, which surprisingly appears to be transparent, and ropes, and last the “wax chip” with melted wax and some wood chips. I do believe that the third is the most effective lighter due to its materials of wood chips.

Though I missed the last part of the day, which is the costume making. I had my own idea of how my costume is going to look like and will make it by myself, and I do believe the rest of the class must have enjoyed a great time decorating their costumes!!

By Bob Xiao