First Impressions: Wealth Disparity


During the preprations for this trip all of us were aware of the of the gaping wealth distribution that exists in India. Before coming here, I knew that poverty was part of the acutal situation of the country, which is statiscally ironic since India nowadays has one of the highest  GDPs in the world. Something that is hard to percieve when looking at the data is that for the amount of people that live in the country who affect the possesion of wealth per capita, when the population reaches the unit of billion it seems there is no country that has generated a just financial system of opportunities that would attend the majority.


Since India is classified as a developing country, there is a conflict between traditional culture and the interference of the international market, where a company of clothes for example takes the clients from the local sellers and began to ruin the tradition of merchants which has been present even in the hindu religion. It is simply sad to see the wealth ones from outside are willing to break the locals instead of investing in areas such as education to supply the great amount of homeless children who in the future could improve their industry and promote country’s economy.

By Bernardo Sa