India: The Future is Now

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New Delhi

It was the first day in India and with only 1-2 hours of sleep we woke up ready to explore. We wound up taking a 45-minute bus ride to the Sheeshgang Gurugwara temple. Where we were required to take off our shoes and socks, wash our hands, step into a puddle of water in order to clean our feet, and walk barefoot through a Sikh religious gathering Then we finally entered the temple. We sat in front of the sort of alter and listened to their prayers which were in a song form. Later we went to the volunteer kitchen where people make bread for the other members of the community. Some of us sat and helped the woman to make the bread, which was quite interesting because the woman didn’t speak English and attempted to talk to us in Hindi. We found it quite difficult to understand to say the least. Then we experienced the rickshaw, which was an amazing yet scary experience. They are basically bicycles with a seat at the back. Two peopleĀ got in the seat, and off we went! Due to the terrible street systems of New Delhi, we crashed into cars, motorbikes and other rekhas, we felt like we’re about to die. Still it was an amazing experience to be able to see everything so close and so alive.

By Israa Dhaif and Cole Colby