Day 13: Caltagirone

Today we check out from the hotel and leave at 9:30. We took around one hour to reach the farm and where we will be making cheeses. Arriving to the farm, we have to wait for around 15 minute for the owner to come back. The owner of the farm first took us to walked briefly near where the cows and sheep are, and then he took us to the restaurant to show us how to make cacciocavallo. Caciocavallo is a typical cheese only produces in Caltagirone. To make cacciocavallo, you have to heat the milk and add rennet in order to get the most basic cheese. After this is done, you put the cheese into boiling water and make it hot in order to stretch it. Once it is ready, we made the cheese into a pear shape and put it in cold water. And depends on what taste you want to decide how long it should stay at water and salt. After that is just aging. After we made the cheese, we had lunch at the restaurant and prepare for our afternoon.

Karsten Chan


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