Palermo: Day 9

On another breezy and windy morning, we started our day by taking a bus to the location where we met up with the local guides. Our day mainly involved hiking grand natural landscapes of Palermo. Although hiking was exhausting, it was definitely worthwhile. The two main locations we visited were the church and the cave. Along with being pleasured of the beautiful views, we were told stories and legends that those places have within them.

Today we visited Natural Oriented Reserve of Pizzo Cane. First, we took an hour and eleven-minute bus trip to the bottom of mountain, and we changed to small vans. After climbing on a short track, few broken walls appeared in our sight. The guide introduced that those broken walls were the remains of the outer structure of a church that was built around 1700AD. The church was soon abandoned; so local people usually referred this church as the “bad church”. Archaeologists from a university from Netherlands excavated bones that belonged to a baby girl and a young man here. This discovery gave the strong proof of the theory that Palermo had human settlement during that time period. Because of Palermo’s sensitive location in the Mediterranean, Arabs conquered it earlier, and later it was taken over by Normans. There were wholes that were built on the walls of the church. Those wholes were used for placing weapons such like canons. So this church might have defensive using purpose as well.

Ingrid Zhao

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Home made ice cream bars

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Cave exploring.