Pietraperzia & Rocche: Day 7

Since we arrived in the small city of Pietraperzia in Sicily, we’ve been focusing a lot on archeology and its many different fields. Today specifically, we got to work hands on in one of the sites with the supervision of the archaeologists themselves. The site itself was an ancient cave that was used in the Archaic Greek period for sacrifices and adorations. It was located up on a mountain which we had to hike, and on our way, we saw many other different sites situated on the rocks that were used as ancient tombs.

Once we located ourselves in the cave we were going to dig around, we first had to clean up the soil by taking all the little plants and their roots out so we could start diving it into small squares. Once we finished cleaning it up and dividing which spaces each group was going to work on, we started actually digging with the small shovels at the same time in only one direction. From the soil that we excavated, we had to sort out through it on a bucket to see if we found anything valuable or of interest (ex., pottery, animal bones, & charcoal).

We did this all day and by the end of the afternoon, we were all pretty worn out; but nevertheless excited about all this new experience and information about archeology. Tomorrow hopefully we’ll get to see and experience more of it and leave Petraperzia with the feeling that we did a good job.

By: Beatriz Rigueira, Eugênia Affonso & Lulu Chavez

After lunchtime, our team members are back to the area Ricardo, where we has dig in the morning, and we continued digging. Even though we did not find many potteries this morning, we still kept working and had not given up yet because we believed that there are something that we have not discovered covered by the dirt. At first, we only discovered so many huge rocks, which made us a bit disappointed. However, after removing them, we found a few small red potteries. Those pushed us to keep digging. One of the most unforgettable things is that in the area Ricardo III, we found plenty of blue potteries and some small red potteries. Most of them are from the modern age after asking archeologists. Then, we removed other big stones and finally reached the layer of the rock, and the dirt started to be cleaned out. There was a gap between rocks, and it was said that it was done by human beings according to archaeologists. After a few diggings, we are back to the hotel.

In the dinner, we sang the song Happy Birthday to Ms.Hart because today is her birthday. We all had good time and we will continue digging tomorrow.

Frank Fan



The excavation site.

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