Pietraperzia & Rocche: Day 8

Today is the seventh day inĀ Italy. Like yesterday,we are going to the site to excavate antiques, pottery and so on. There are three different parts in the site: eastern,middle, and western parts.According to Dr. Giannitrapani, there are 124 caves in total.The most consistent group at Le Rocche is found on the eastern hill. After walking around those three parts we started to work. First of all, we cleaned up the grass and then we can see the ground.There are many big rocks next to the cave. After that, we picked our tools and use the ropes to set up an area. We named our area Ricardo. We divided the area into three small parts, Ricardo one, two, and three, with two people working per area. We found the first piece of pottery very soon. It is a red one. I still remember I found two blue potteries in Area Ricardo Two .About five minute later,One of our team member found a big piece, it is the bottom of bowl.

Our group did not find a lot of stuff in the morning. We went to eat lunch after two and a half hours of work. After that,we went to the tomb again.We found a lot of pottery and also a lot of worms. We were working very hard. Because of that,we discovered many big rocks under the soil.

Bill Wang

When we finally climbed on top of the cave, we could see a clear landscape of the area. Then, we started talking about the history of the cave and how it was connected to the Famous Greek mythology, The Odyssey. There was one scene in the movie when the giant cyclops was blinded by Odysseus using his intelligence to trick the cyclops. We walked towards inside of the cave and discussed how the opening looks like Virgin Mary, therefore, some people referred this to a religious site.

Kana Mikami, Ellie Yu, and Ingrid Zhao