Day 3, Wed, Feb 24: Movie “Ingredients” and SOFO museum

Due to the wet weather, we decided it would be best to cancel our planned trip to explore the Long PondĀ Greenbelt trail. This was disappointing, but it gave us the chance to discover the film “Ingredients” which is a documentary film looking at the local food movement. This film focuses on the relationship between the chef and the farmer as they work collaboratively together to produce and make better tasting food. They can do this because they are creating a sustainable food system; a system of food that is more flavorful and nutritious because it is less industrialized. “Ingredients” illustrates the movement to bring health back to our communities and create a more sustainable future.

Sustainability and Service Long Island - 1 (1)In the afternoon, we explored the South Fork Natural History Museum and Nature Center known as SoFo. We enjoyed the natural habitat exhibits and stories told by knowledgeable and friendly staff members. A big hit was the marine touch tank where we could observe and interact with some organisms found in Long Island’s bays, such as crabs. After we explored the museum, we decided to take a short hike around the property. It was misty out, but the rain was holding off. It was good to go out and get some fresh air.

~ Linda H.

Article: Could Global Warming Turn the Sound into Blue Crab Heaven?
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Day 3: SoFo Museum and Hike