February 22nd we got to Ross at 4 am to board the bus to JFK to finally begin our journey. We stopped at the infamous deli, Kitchen Kaberet, to get our last and final non airborne meal. Once we arrived at JFK, we had to get our bags wrapped to prevent theft in Johannesburg. This took forever due to multiple babies (camera bags) and bags per person, but we finally made it past security and on to our 15 hour flight to Johannesburg. This flight tested many of the students patience and mental stability. By the 8th hour people were stretching, doing yoga poses, and creating social circles in the middle of the aisles. Somehow we made it though and had to now focus on running to the next flight with only 15 minutes to spare. Again, we somehow made it, and suffered only a quick 2 hour flight to Namibia.

The minute we stepped off the plane we were surrounded by the vast beauty of the Namibian mountain side and could finally say we made it! This view made every challenge of every flight worth it! Lastly, we hopped into our vans and arrived at the lodge, where we will be staying for two nights. The lodge is set up like a small village, with various little cabins and a main building with a restaurant and pool at the center. The 360 view of a gorgeous mountain range surrounds the entire faculty. Finally we stopped and took a breath and realized where we were. The journey truly is the destination.