Today we went to the Home of Good Hope Orphanage just outside of the city of Windhoek. Upon arriving at the orphanage we were warmly greeted by the children and their caretakers. We were then given a brief introduction of their mission and how the orphanage began. The orphanage takes in children as small as infants and takes care of them until they are in their teenage years. Many of the children who stay there have parents who died from HIV. They also feed hundreds of local children daily and provide them with food to take home.

We were then split into two groups, one of which went on a walk around the township and the other group sang songs and played with the township and the other group sang songs and played with the children. The groups then switched and did the opposite activity. After finishing the activities we transitioned into their meal time and assisted with serving the children and cleaning the dishes. This was a hectic time as there were hundreds of children flowing in and out of the very small eating area.

Before leaving we handed out school supplies to the children as well as left them with school outfits in all sizes, which they were extremely grateful for. This experience was exceptionally humbling for all the members of our group. Leaving the children was very hard, but we hope to revisit them again at the end of our trip.

Hannah and Leila