This morning we were introduced to one of the most known men of the town called Swakopmund. Mr. Muller is Namibian who dedicates his life to serve country’s need and engage others in finding the solution for Namibian situation. Ever since the independence 26 years ago, Mr. Muller was actively involved in the politics of Namibia as well as its economics and environment. Also = we were also introduced to his daughter on the meeting, who is now a math and science teacher at the Namibian University for Iron Mining, where her dad works as a director. But what was more significant about this meeting is that students learned more about the history and culture of Namibia. Unity and Diversity were the key words of the morning as we learned about the existing tribes and their traditions. There was one thing that stood up to me personally. While many cultures were seeking for unity in their traditions, cultures and the only spoken language, Namibia, in contrast, used its diversity for its own benefit. This country proudly hosts many tribes, languages, cultures and traditions. It is what makes Namibia different from other African countries. It is what makes Namibia- Namibia.