Day 8: Thursday, March 10th

Today was an interesting day. We drove to Santa Fe, visited Bandelier National Monument, did some souvenir shopping, and then finished our drive to Albuquerque.

We started out the day with a French toast breakfast. We then headed to the vans to put all our bags in. From there we took off to go to the Taos town square where we got sweatshirts, ice cream and our last chance to take in the Pueblo spirit. Since we weren’t done shopping when it was time to go, we decided to stop at a drum store. When we had all gotten what we wanted, we set out on a two hour-long hike at Bandelier National Monument. We played a game in which we hunted for small remains of pottery that the ancient native people had left along the hiking path. We saw caves that were once inhabited by Pueblo ancestors, and saw petroglyphs carved into the stone walls, including a few spiral inscriptions. The stone path we walked on was over a thousand years old, and was worn down so deeply in some places that it was waist-deep. Then we were off again. It took us a little less then an hour to reach the Santa Fe plaza. There we finished off our shopping and ate dinner at a local restaurant. Some of us also visited the Loretto Chapel’s Miraculous Staircase We then headed back to the hotel where we decided to swim and play pool games. We were all very tired from our hiking and swimming experience so we headed to bed.

Marnie & Hayden

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