Day 1: Thursday, March 3rd

The first day of field academy we woke up at 1:30 am to get on a bus to the airport. Once we got to the airport we were all given forty dollars to buy breakfast and lunch at the airports. We all ended up buying candy and Starbucks. After two hours of shopping we boarded the plane. On the first plane we were all surprisingly awake and energetic. It was only an hour flight but the second plane was a 4 hour flight. The second plane was so fun. Ally Diego and I (Lilah) slept for two hours, sleeping in strange positions throughout the flight. I woke up a little before Diego and Ally so I ordered water. The flight attendant brought my water and I tried to put the tray down but Ally and Diego were sleeping on my lap so I moved my knee up, causing the water to spill on Ally’s head and all over my pants. The rest of the flight I was very uncomfortable for me but music helped. We had a silent dance party because we weren’t allowed to sing. Deigo rocked the Drake songs while I crushed the Rihanna songs.

Once we got off the airplane we met Floyd our guide. We all got into white vans with about 12 damn Daniel jokes. We drove to the Santa Fe Plaza. The boys went and got pizza, which they raved about. We got to stretch our legs after the long morning, and then got back into the vans.

In my van we had an interesting experience. Cameron, Aiden, Orlando, Ben, Hayden and Josie were passengers. Ms. Biscardi drove and Mr. Mulhern was in the passenger seat. We were driving on the highway between the mountains. Suddenly this car was driving too fast and drove into the wrong lane towards us. Luckily Ms. Biscardi steered away to the other side of the road just in time.

After a while we stopped to see the Rio Grande canyon and take photos. Dinner came around and we went to a Mexican restaurant called Guadalajara grill. Everyone was running up to me (Diego) asking how to order in Spanish. The food was amazing and the people were very nice. In the girls’ lodge we ended the night with a dance party. So far this trip was so fun and we can’t wait for the rest!

Lilah, Taylor & Diego

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