Day 2: Friday, March 4th

Today we were all officially introduced to the culture of the Red Willow people, who are the people who live in the Taos Pueblo.

We started off the day with a late breakfast, and after that we went for a drive to The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. Once we got there we took a hike where we saw some big horned sheep. After seeing the sheep, we realized the time, and began to hike back to the van. When we got back we decided to give ourselves a thrill and walk across the bridge that crosses the Gorge. When we walked across it was almost as if we were floating!!!! While we were on the bridge, a huge semi truck rustled bye and shook the bridge giving us a JOLT.

After our hike we took a drive to the Taos Pueblo! We were given a tour of the village and were given some details of the history of their town. We learned about how their religion works as well as the story of how Richard Nixon gave back the Blue Lake and surrounding land that had been turned into a national forest by President Roosevelt. After the tour we were given the freedom to roam the beautiful village. We walked around with our friends determined to find Fry Bread (which there happened to be a shortage of)!!! However, we did manage to find Fry Bread in the end. We got to have conversations with the locals, and it was really amazing getting to talk to them.

After our time walking around the village, we drove to a Pueblo family’s home where we got to learn about traditional Pueblo bread and cookie making, as well as hatchet throwing!!! After the Hatchet throwing and cookie making we joined together and ate home cooked chili, potato salad, bread, and of course the cookies we had made. But, the day wasn’t over just yet.

Once we got to the lodge we got the privilege of watching Pueblo drummers. It was a pleasure to listen to Native American singing and taking part in a dance. All in all it was an exciting day.

Parker, Josie & Orlando


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IMG_4117IMG_2138 drumming