Day 4: Sunday, March 6th

Today was a day full of learning and new experiences. We went on a walk to see buffalo, went to a church service and then started toward our tour guide Floyd’s house to go horseback riding. We also watched how the pueblos make jewelry, spent some time shooting arrows, and went to a concert by Robert Mirabal.

Horseback riding was a blast. Lots of people who had never ridden or had only ridden a few times. We enjoyed the rush of being on a horse. After horseback riding, we went to Floyd’s sister’s house and watched how the Pueblo make jewelry. We saw many beautiful pieces she and her husband had made. Then we headed to Floyd’s house where we shot some bows and arrows and learned about the challenges and rewards of being an Indian.

For dinner we went to a restaurant called the Tiwa Kitchen, which is the only restaurant in the pueblo. We had very good food that included chili, fry bread, salad, egg salad, beef stew, and apple tarts. After dinner we went to the house of a two-time Grammy winning musician named Robert Mirabal. His music was beautiful and so were his words. He told us stories about how his music originated and what the songs meant to him. He strongly valued “agri-culture”. He also said that if the corn dies then the people die. Our day ended with a ride home talking about the day we had and how the concert had effect on us. It was a great day we will all remember forever, because of the experiences we had.

Caly & Ben

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  1. I watched a YouTube video of Robert Mirabel singing “The Dance” to get an idea of what you were going to experience. I am very happy for all of you to be experiencing such a wonderful adventure.

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