Day 6: Tuesday, March 8th

We started today at the Pueblo Day School. As this is our second day, we are beginning to get to know the students a lot better.

School ended early today, as it is a major day for prayer at the Tao’s Pueblo. We aren’t exactly sure why, as it is kept very secret.

After school, we stopped at a National Park and got a chance to enter a kiva. A kiva is a Native religious structure, and most non-natives aren’t allowed to enter. The one we got to see was about a thousand years old, but isn’t used today. We climbed down the raw wooden ladder (kivas are underground), and stood inside the sacred structure. It was a bit moldy, and very cold. From what we understand, people used to live in the structure for days on end to pray. Living inside a kiva would be quite difficult from what we observed.

Afterwards, we headed to Walmart to pick up some supplies to donate to the school. We split into groups based on grade, tried to stick to our budget, and selected supplies we thought the school needed. Next, we drove to Downtown Taos. We explored, window-shopped, and bought some souvenirs and gifts.

After that, we drove across the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, and looked around the Earthship Biotecture, which is a completely sustainable community built out of recycled materials. We headed back to the lodge for a relaxed evening of food (fry bread cheese burgers to be specific), campfires (Mulhern is quite the fire-master), and stories about ghosts and UFOs told by our storyteller Chris. He was interrupted a few times by the incredible sounds of coyotes and owls that surrounded us.  After being thoroughly intrigued and freaked out, we had some delicious smores.  Before going to bed, we had a star-gazing party in field for those who wanted to participate.  The sky seems larger than life out here and you can see the constellations so clearly at night here in Taos, New Mexico.

Laina and Cameron


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