Full Course Description

In this course, students will explore a Maori school in New Zealand as a case study for cultural sustainability. They will immerse themselves completely in the Maori culture, including exploration of food, history, art, and language. Students will discover traditional aspects of the Maori cultural identity through experiential learning, taking part in traditional canoeing, the haka, and song. With this cultural understanding in hand, students will study the viability of maintaining such isolated, unique, and traditional cultures in today’s world. They will examine the deaths of language and culture in global society, the conglomeration of cultural values, and the ever-growing importance of global connectivity. They will then compare these ideas with their newly acquired understanding of the importance of tradition, the value of cultural preservation, and the impact of true local, communal engagement. Students will use their experiences to assess the importance of sustaining traditional culture in an interconnected, global community, and present their conclusions in a final project.