Day 5: Meeting New Friends in Mukafose

Day 1 of working with Hoops4Hope was an amazing experience. We started off the day with breakfast on our balcony, and took in the breathtaking scenery. After we’d all eaten, we headed off to the Hoops4Hope headquarters where we met up with the founder Mark Crandall. We got a brief background and history of Hoops4Hope, and learned that the main mission is to help kids find a safe place to have fun. The organization has been improving the daily lives of children through education and athletics for over 20 years.
After the briefing, we journeyed to the Tendayi Primary School in Harare. Once we got off the bus, we were greeted by hundreds of young Zimbabweans, all with bright smiling faces. We were struck with joy and left speechless, as we did not think our presence could change this many lives. Throughout the day, we worked with the kids teaching them life skills,  and practiced basketball skills with them. Today gave us a chance to experience first hand how a community can come together as one and incorporate their values into introducing people into the community. When we finished working with the kids, we headed back to the house for dinner and free time. The day ended with relaxation and a well deserved piece of cake.
As Dani said, “I think that it is important to do something like this once a year. It is an eye opener , it brings you back to earth and reminds you what is important in life.” Jared agreed, saying that it changed the way that he saw the world and that it has alread impacted his view on the world and what he wants to do in the future.


– Audrix and Manny

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