Day 6: Clear Waters and Good Games


One of the many great views of the Chinoyi Caves

In the morning, we left to see the largest caves in Zimbabwe. We first picked up groceries for our dinner that we would all make together tonight. We were all amazed how nice the shopping market was, possibly even better than what we have at home. After we bought all of our groceries, we got back on the bus and began our 2-hour drive through the countryside to the caves. This was the first time we all got to see the countryside, and it was amazing. We saw traditional huts in the fields and miles of corn fields. Hills dominated the landscape. When we finally got to the cave entrance, we got a brief orientation about the caves and rules we had to follow: no swimming in the caves, no climbing, and several other rules. We ventured down into the cave called “Sleeping Cave”. As people descended into the giant cave, everyone was immediately amazed when they saw the crystal clear blue that appeared at the base of the cave. When we got closer, we could really see how clear it was because you could see far below the surface. It’s a popular destination for scuba divers and the cave’s depth is unknown. We headed back up the rock stairs and explored the neighboring cave that eventually linked up to the backside of the “Sleeping Cave”. This cave’s entrance was very steep and quite dark. It involved walking through tight spaces and Jonas and I found parts of the cave that were small you couldn’t stand up. After exploring the caves, we walked to the picnic area and had another traditional Zimbabwean lunch. After lunch, we climbed trees and played a fun game of soccer.


Later in the evening, we went to go see a local basketball game between two semi-pro teams. One team was composed of players from the University of Zimbabwe, and the other team was made up of players from Mukafose, a community that we had visited just a couple of days before. It was a really exciting game and there was a large local crowd watching. The Community team ended up winning with a score of 90-45. After the game, we headed back home and began cooking dinner. Chris Ragone was the head chef and decided we were going to have Tacos. They were delicious and almost everyone contributed. After dinner, we had some down time to reflect on our day.

IMG_2216 2

Checking out the Harare Basketball Association