Day 2

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Today was the second day of our Field Academy on campus activities. After going over presentations this morning, including the economics of Zimbabwe we split up into two groups. One group headed over to the CWB and spent time organizing donated supplies that we sill bring to Zimbabwe for Hoops4Hope, ZimKids, and the Harare Children’s Home. The items included materials such as sporting equipment like basketball uniforms, t-shirts, shoes, basketballs, basketball nets, whistles, and hats. We attempted to fit the surplus of equipment into the extra suitcases we brought from home.
The idea behind bringing extra supplies was not only to give back to the community but also to provide a greater number of underprivileged children with their equipment they need in order to engage in activities that strengthen their skills. The other group of students went to the Senior Building kitchens and worked on preparing traditional snacks of Zimbabwe. Even though cooking the snacks was a hassle, all the hard work will be worth it later today when everyone gets to sample the traditional cuisine at our 3:00 PM goodbye party. If you’re reading this before then, make sure to stop by!
– Audrix and Manny

Video by Alex, Jonas, and Dani:

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