On Saturday we traveled to Bulawayo specifically to visit an organization called Zimkids. Zimkids is a wonderful program that helps orphans from Zimbabwe and gives them a place to play and feel safe. Tanashe, the director of Zimkids, explained to us how they first started helping kids by playing with them under a big tree in the neighborhood. After a little while, he had over 100 kids that participated in the activities, but he still wanted to do more. So, the leaders of Zimkids came together and bought land that was used as a garbage dump. They cleared the space and built beautiful buildings filled with collages and sculptures. These wonderful kids are filled with so much love and happiness while they might not have the best home lives, Zimkids gives them a “home away from home” where they can play, learn, and bond with one another.

“It was truly amazing to see the connection Ross had with Zimkids, with all the Ross school shirts they wore, it truly felt like we were part of their community.”  – Rachel 

“Zimkids was an eye opening experience, just the way that the kids had positive attitudes throughout the entire day in the scorching heat made me realize how grateful I should be for everything I have.” – Alejandra 
“It is a great organization that helps educate kids beyond the classroom and better prepare them for the outside world.” – Jared

“I saw hope and it gave me hope.” – Gianluca

“Zimkids was a very tranquil and beautiful experience, the buildings were well maintained and filled with amazing art” – Georgia

“I was impressed by the way that it progressed from a dump site into a big center that the kids can enjoy and learn from as a home away from home”  – Michael

“Zimkids was such an amazing experience for me and the kids were so bright and I loved interacting with them.” – Chris F

“The vibe of the kids was so touching and it made us feel happy to celebrate their joy with them.”- Luis

“It is a safe haven and separate community for kids of all ages, I met Delight, a girl who had a really tough upbringing and she told me how Zimkids helps take her mind off of the problems in her life and focus on being happy in the moment.” – Dani


Good Morning Zimbabwe!

Good morning from Zimbabwe! We made it to Harare last night at 5:00 local time. From there we moved into our home for the next ten days. We promptly went to sleep after our 24 hours of traveling!
This morning a bunch of us woke up to catch the sunrise. Some students even did yoga to start their morning off right!