Day 1 in the books


After a long day on campus, we have successfully finished the first day of Field Academy 2016! We’d like to welcome you to our blog, where we will be excitedly telling the story of the Zimbabwe Field Academy. We began today by sharing our research presentations, including the history of Zimbabwe, environmental sustainability issues in Zimbabwe, and more. We moved into the gym before lunch to play some Skills 4 Life games. These games are developed by the staff of Hoops4Hope in order to teach their players about like skills. Some of these games discuss HIV education while others communicate about balancing all of the important aspects of a student’s life. Today we tried out some of our own Skills 4 Life games and discussed some of the lessons we learned from it. Later on in the day, we started working on developing some of our Skills 4 Life games in preparation for our trip.

Check out some video highlights below!