Day 8: Making Moves in Mabvuku


Bruce doing work on the potholes in Glen View

IMG_5409 2

Gianluca working hard on the court.

Today was a beautiful day in Zimbabwe. We began our day at Glen View Community Center where we all pitched in with repairing a pot hole ridden basketball court. To start we all had to sweep the court of excess gravel and gather buckets and buckets of water to mix with the cement. The entire process was done by hand, whereas at home the court would be done in no more than an hour with the help of a machine. We all removed our shoes so that they would not get cement all over them and while doing so we were able to empathize with the children who have to play basketball on the hot courts with no shoes. Mother Nature had it in for us once again and it started to raining just as we were mixing the cement. We left the courts and went to a small shopping center before we headed back to the Hoops4Hope center for a lunch of pizza, rice, chicken, and squash. From there we headed to Mabuvuku to work with children. Today we learned some new games as well as played old ones, and I personally taught a group of kids the “hit my hand” game, which they found be very amusing. As soon as we boarded the bus after a few hours of playing we all took a moment to reflect on how lucky we really are.
– Dani

Julia and Alex giving supplies donated by the Ross group to Owen.


Owen thanks Hailey for the donations!

Here are some quotes from today’s travels:
“Its crazy, I dislike wearing the Ross wellness uniform because I think it’s ugly, meanwhile these kids couldn’t be happier about getting one” – Rachel
“I think that everyone was very tired at the beginning, we were all asleep on the bus, and at first none of us were really looking forward to jumping around but we quickly got into it and had an amazing time” – Dani

One of the most special moments on this trip so far has been Bruce sharing his love of dance with the children of Zimbabwe. Here is a short video clip and Bruce’s explanation of what happened:

Bruce getting his dancing feet on.

The crowd started chanting my name to get me to dance. In the beginning I was a little nervous,  but then the energy of the crowd got in to me, and my body began to bounce. The rhythm of Africa and the young, free, pure and wild energy was rushing in to my body, and my body was filled with it. I started to dance.
The feeling that I have and things I received are indescribable. It’s great to sharing your energy with the group and the things you receive from letting go of everything to act yourself.
I am really enjoying this.