Full Course Description

On this trip, students will travel to Harare, Zimbabwe, to work with school-age children, delivering sport and wellness education, as well as travel through Zimbabwe to experience its beauty through eco-adventures, conservation, and safari.

Ubuntu is a phrase that translates as “human kindness,” an idea that expands to the belief in a universal bond that connects all of humanity. This philosophy is a driving core value of the Hoops 4 Hope organization, an international service group whose mission is to provide at-risk children with a safe place to play organized sports and learn valuable life skills. On this trip to Zimbabwe, students will work alongside Hoops 4 Hope staff and all-stars to implement after-school sport and basketball programming as a vehicle to develop life skills, such as character building, HIV prevention, and substance use and violence prevention education. Students will get the opportunity to develop life skills and literacy curricula, co-develop the “Child Protection Policy” with Hoops 4 Hope, and enhance the infrastructure of courts and spectator areas to help sustain programming for over 150 schools in Zimbabwe and surrounding areas. In addition to this work with Hoops 4 Hope, students will visit many of the natural sights of the country, including a conservation-based safari tour to Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall on earth. We will also spend several days at an eco-friendly conservation in Chobi National Park, assisting with developing animal protection programs against poachers. In addition, students will taste traditional meals and learn about nutrition, experience cultural music with drumming workshops, explore the food supply, have the opportunity to canoe and participate in adventure activities, evaluate energy infrastructure, and navigate the exhilarating geography of Zimbabwe. Students will experience the importance of sustainability, both cultural and environmental, as well as the impact the environment and natural resources play on the geography and culture of Zimbabwe. Through this course, students will come to understand that active service and sustainability efforts allow them to be a part of a universal bond that connects all of humanity.