Boxing Wednesday March 28

This Wednesday the 7/8th grade field academy (active body healthy mind) went to Gotham Gym Bridgehampton to box. When we got to the gym we were greeted by coach Clair. Coach Clair taught us the basic fundamentals of boxing, ie. stance, punches, and defending. We started class with practicing some combinations like jab cross or cross jab uppercut etc. Then to practice combinations we tried to guess each other’s combinations. We finished by partnering up and hit glove to glove. It was an overall great experience and a full body workout.


4 thoughts on “Boxing Wednesday March 28

  1. This was also one of my favorite activities. I got to learn how to throw a jab, cross, L hook, R hook, L uppercut, and an R uppercut. I also really enjoyed boxing because when I was good enough I could go and show of my “moves” to my parents!

  2. I really liked boxing and was happy that we were able to do it for the third time instead of twice

  3. I enjoyed boxing very much it was fun to include it in my presentation as well as actually experience it, as well as do little competitions with other people.


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