Gravity Vault March 7th

Due to a storm, our trip to Gravity Vault was cancelled, but we used our time to work on our projects. Although we were disappointed at first, we soon realized that this time was best used for something productive. We worked on our projects, gave some presentations, and took breaks for Wellness. It was really fun that we still had the ability to stay active during the day.  

Some students also had the opportunity to present today, and we had great questions AND comments. These two students shown bellow are Bella Walsh and me, Chelsea Coard. Bella and I worked on these two presentations about essential oils and social media.

-Chelsea Coard

Ice Skating

On Friday March 2nd, the Active Body, Healthy Mind field academy went to the Southampton ice skating rink. I am terrible at ice skating, unlike our math teacher, Mr. Roberts. He told us he played hockey when he was in school, and that’s how he learned to skate so well. 

Some kids had never really skated before, so they took the hands of others who were more experienced.


Although of course we fell,

we still all had a great time!




   .  On March 5th, we got to work in the Ross School garden with Mrs. Dobbs. She showed us how to use the tools provided to move the compost and make a square for more planting. Some people also raked the weeds off of the compost. Some people carried logs over to an area to make the square. 

Seal Walk- March 5th

On Tuesday, we went on a seal walk in Montauk! Unfortunately, we didn’t come across any seals, but the hike was quite nice. The reason we didn’t see any seals is because of insanely rough waters caused by a nor’easter we just experienced. This is a pond along the trail

 This is the beach at the end of the trail (where the seals usually are!)

This is another photo of the beach!