Classroom work

In the classroom time that we had, we worked on our presentations, that we chose a topic to talk and present about. We also watched informational videos on the food industry and how’s food is made, the movies we watch were very full of information and we all learned a lot watching them.



In this picture our karate teacher is demonstrating a high block.

We have had Karate every day throughout our field academy course. For the past week and a half we have been learning a Kata called Heian Shodan. A Kata is an individual training exercise in karate and other martial arts. We have also been learning how to block, punch, kick, and the stances to be in when we are doing karate. Then we had a belt ceremony where we preformed the Kata as well as the different stances we learned.

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This is a picture of us doing air kicking drills with a partner

Boxing Wednesday March 28

This Wednesday the 7/8th grade field academy (active body healthy mind) went to Gotham Gym Bridgehampton to box. When we got to the gym we were greeted by coach Clair. Coach Clair taught us the basic fundamentals of boxing, ie. stance, punches, and defending. We started class with practicing some combinations like jab cross or cross jab uppercut etc. Then to practice combinations we tried to guess each other’s combinations. We finished by partnering up and hit glove to glove. It was an overall great experience and a full body workout.