Salam Dari Bali/Greetings From Bali

Hello and thank you for following our blog for the Bali 2018 Ross School Field Academy. After gathering at school at 4:00 am(!!!) Monday morning we had smooth travel to JFK and started our journey half way across the world. The first flight was 12 hours to Doha, Qatar. We arrived with no problems (except lack of sleep) and had a two hour layover. The second flight was eight hours to Denpasar and we arrived at midnight Tuesday where we met Wayan who is the main “fixer” (coordinator) for our time here on the island. We then had an hour bus ride to the Puri Asri Villas in Ubud, our home for the first ten days. Hot, tired and very sweaty in the tropical humidity, the students immediately jumped in the pool at 2:00 am. Up for a delicious Balinese breakfast by 10:00 am, the students then participated in workshops on the operation of their cameras and the software programs (Lightroom, Bridge, Photoshop, Premier) they will be using for post production of their images and films. Late in the afternoon Wayan introduced us to the rest of the fixers (guides the students will travel with) and explained the various projects for the shoots including a Royal cremation ceremony, traditional coming-of-age tooth filing, a trance stabbing ceremony, dance, music, markets, etc. The day ended with a delicious dinner and then some students chose to go to sleep while others explored the neighborhood in Ubud, the artistic center of the island, and ended up walking home in a torrential monsoon rain storm. Overall, a tiring but successful start to the trip. Here are a few initial images. Check back in the future as we post more information about this very exciting Field Academy trip.

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