Namaste- From the Yoga Platform to Surfing

Today Stella and I (Marnie) woke up very early to go and climb up the mountain to the yoga platform to see the sunrise. It was so beautiful and it had us both in awe. We got hungry so we walked back down to get some coffee. We chilled there for a while admiring the ocean view while we were talking with Heather and Hazel. We then had to walk back up the stairs to get to yoga by 7:15. After yoga we went back down and had pancakes, eggs and toast for breakfast. We went for a hike on a trail called the Loop of Gold, which heather had started to build 13 Years ago which was the last time she was in Costa Ricawith Ross Students. When we got back to Luna lodge we had time to  relax and gather our belongings before we had to leave to go to the beach to surf. The waves were awful for the more experienced surfers but they were good for the beginners who mostly caught white wash. The surfers with more experience went further out to try to catch the bigger waves, but there weren’t any good waves so we made our way back in to the beach and caught some smaller waves. Since we rented our boards from a hotel near by we had to walk back to return them. We then walked back to the cars got in them and listened to songs the locals listen to. When we got back to Luna, we took showers and ate a delicious meal before we went to sleep for the day.
~Marnie and Stella

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  1. It’s so interesting to hear about your adventures and see pictures of the yoga platform. Thank you for sharing a day in your adventure.

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