Leaning In – The 25K Hike To Corcovado National Park

Today is certainly the most difficult day of our trip. We hiked from the Luna Lodge to the Corcovado National Park. The hike was especially long, ranging to a distance of 25 kilometers. The approximate time to cross the trial was around 6 hours. We woke up early in the morning and were ready to go at 6:30am. At 7:00am, we reached the entrance of Corcovado Park and began the hike. For the first few kilometers, we were walking in the forest. After 15 minutes, we walked on the beach. It was rather cozy since the sun was not up high. We reached the first resting station and took a short break. Then, we re-entered the forest, hiking along the beach line. We saw some anteaters looking for ants in the tree trunks and branches. We also found four spider monkeys hanging on the branches. As the sun got strong, we walked for an hour, then on to the beach around 10am. It was quite hot, so we put some sunscreen on. As it reached noon, unfortunately we had to keep hiking on the beach, it was tough: hot sun, no shade. We found a tree with shade and stopped to finish our lunch box. Time passed noon, we headed back to the forest for about an hour. We suddenly saw something moving in the bushes, first thought it was a group of huge ants moving forward, but looked closer, it was a gigantic snake about 1.5 meter long. We were so lucky to see a snake. From 1-2pm, we walked along the shore, constantly running away from the upcoming tide, which was quite exciting. At the end of the beach, we climbed up the dust and rocks, eventually heading into deep woods. Taking a 30 minute break, we continued hiking into the forest. We saw tapirs sleeping and crabs digging holes. With another 1 hour hike, we reached a shore and took a 5 minute rest. Good news was we were 15 minutes away from the lake. To cross the lake, we toked our shorts up and went through 1 meter deep. This was the highlight of the hike because it was both refreshing and adventurous. Twenty minutes after the river, we arrived at the station. The second we saw a huge grassland with couple of houses were certainly one of the most wonderful feelings we will have once in our lifetime. Accompanying with great fatigue and tiredness, we managed to cross the Corcovado Park on foot. Nevertheless, it was a unique experience that not only gives us awareness of protecting the nature and enjoys Costa Rica’s biodiversity, but also shows us the value of endurance and perseverance.