Welcome to the Jungle- Corcovado National Park

On Saturday morning I woke up from my mosquito-netted bed just before seven o’clock, just in time to have a good breakfast at the Sirena Research Station. The rest of the group and I ate a full meal because we knew the day ahead would be tiring, but rewarding. After breakfast we met up with our guides “Forta” and “Jungle” Jim and split into two groups each traveling in a different direction down a loop trail, with the idea that we would meet in the middle. I went with Jim and our group set out to find the Tapir which is an endangered species that resembles a pig, but with a prominent prehensile nose trunk. Tapirs like to wallow in the muddy swamps by the trailside, however that day they were not present. Although we didn’t get to see a Tapir we were very happy to be able to stop by a river on the trail and view the wildlife that lives in and around the flowing water of the Sirena River. Within minutes we were able to see Crocodiles drift just below the surface, expertly camouflaged as logs floating in the current. We also were able to catch a glimpse of a bull shark, the only true shark that can swim in fresh and salt water. After heading back to the research station for lunch we all split up. Some if the group stayed back for free time while I and a few others took the opportunity to take a hike to a swimming spot up the Claro River. The hike was one hour, hot and very pretty, and when we arrived we all jumped right in. The water was warm and clear and the bottom was sandy. Everyone who went stayed in for a very long time and when it came for the hike back, we took a different route choosing to walk along the beach as the sun was setting. When we arrived at the beach next to the research station it was 10 minutes to sunset and we all watched the sun descend below a cloudless horizon. After the sun made it’s final descent we took the last leg of the hike back to the research station where we tiredly ate dinner and headed towards bed. I was so tired after the long day that I fell asleep within minutes with the sounds of the rainforest playing in my ears.

~Emory Wolf