Day 4: Arrived in Greece

We have arrived! We touched down today in Athens around 4:00 pm local time. Because our day was mostly spent in the air, not much was on our agenda today.

Today is our flight and arrival day. Our flight was Thursday 11:55pm and we arrived in Greece on Friday around 4:00pm. The time difference between New York and Greece is 7 hours. After we went through the customs and got our luggage, we met our tour company and they sent us to the Acropolis Select hotel. Everybody was tired after traveling for more than 8 hours, so we checked in quickly to have a little rest before dinner. Our first taste of Greek food was very delicious. For dinner, everybody did not use phones, The only thing we had was eating and talking to each other, which was fun.

– Andy J. ’19

Today is our Field Academy’s first day abroad. Before coming to Athensin my mind Greece is a very clean and very beautiful country. This is an ancient country that has a long history and wonderful legend. Our arrival in Athens was so amazing. The sky was as blue as crystal. After going through customs and baggage claim, the bus picked us up and took us to the hotel. We passed by the center of Athens, which had a lot of white buildings. We got to see the Acropolis and the stadium that was used during the 1896 Olympics. I am so excited for seeing these sights tomorrow. 

– Tyler L. ’21