Day 7: Trekking to Delphi

An early start, we left our hotel in a rainy morning, we spend two hours on the bus going to Delphi, we visit the ruins of the temple of Apollo, The temple and theater are surrounding by mountains, on the hillside. the view made me speechless, It is just incredible, I have never seen a landscape like this. It is impossible for me to describe the grandness of the scene.

Not only the view is amazing, the historical myths are also fascinating, We get to know why Delphi is called Delphi. And we also learned the mythology of Apollo. People use to sing the praises of Apollo in the theater. Even though the temple was corroded by time and nature, but we still can see the great detail on the relics. We went on up the hill and found an ancient playground. Where the ancient Greeks show off their power to other city-states.

After we left the temple of Apollo, we went to Delphi Archeological Museum, our tour guide told us it’s a small museum, but it’s bigger then I thought. In the museum, we saw the shield of Medusa and the sculpture of Sphinx. It was an unforgettable experience.

– Kevin Z. ’18